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Specific Admission Requirements Relating to


Thank you for considering enrolling at The University of Arizona. The specific admission requirements relating to Croatia are as follows:

Required Documentation: Official records of high school showing grades 9,10,11 (if still in high school) or grades 10,11,12 with Official records of the final 4 years of secondary school listing courses taken and marks earned Final examination results leading to Certificate of Maturity OR to one of the final examination of Certificates awarded

Minimum Grade Required: 4 = Above Average

Required Certification(if completed high school): Svjedodzba o Zrelosti (Certificate of Maturity) OR Diploma o Stecenom Pozivniusmerenom Obrazovanju i Vaspitanju Srednjeg Stupnja (a final examination certificate) OR Svjedodzba o Zavrsnom (a final examination certifcate from Croatia) OR Svendocanstvo o Polozenom Zavrsnom (a final exam cert. from Serbia) OR Spricevalo o Kancani osnovia Soli (a final exam cert. from Slovenia) OR Svidetelstvo za Polozen Zavrsen (a final exam cert. from Macedonia)

English Language Proficiency Required: Yes

For any questions, please contact our office.