Returning Students

Be prepared.

Apply with confidence, knowing the key dates and deadlines ahead of time.

Application Deadlines

Your UA application deadlines vary depending on the semester you are applying for, and your status when you left the University:

Good Standing—Exited the UA with a GPA of 2.0 or higher

Probation or Disqualification—Exited the UA with a GPA below a 2.0

Desired Starting SemesterApplication DeadlineApplication Available
Fall 2017Good standing — August 1, 2017 December 12, 2016
Probation or Disqualification — June 1, 2017December 12, 2016
Spring 2017Good standing — November 1, 2016 Closed
Probation or Disqualification — October 1, 2016Closed
Summer 2017Good standing — May 1, 2017 December 12, 2016
Probation or Disqualification — April 1, 2017December 12, 2016

If the deadline date falls on a non-business day, the deadline will be through the next business day.

Financial Aid Deadlines

To find out if you qualify for federal financial aid, simply fill out your FAFSA when you apply. Federal aid starts in the fall of each year. Please see the general dates below for completing your FAFSA application.

FAFSA application becomes available onlineJanuary 1
Recommended submittal date (due to limited funding)February 14
Priority deadlineMarch 1

Tuition Deadlines

The University of Arizona Bursar’s Office posts tuition and fees to your account as they are processed. To view a full account of specific tuition dates and deadlines, or the last day to receive a refund, visit the Bursar’s Office website.

Bursar's Office