Entrance Requirements and Guidelines

Entrance Requirements and Guidelines
Below are the basic requirements and guidelines relating to your admission application. 

Course Work Competency Requirements* 
All freshman and transfer applicants under age 22 must satisfactorily complete the Arizona Board of Regents’ course work competencies.

Refer to the table below for the course work competency requirements and for specific scores and/or courses needed.

To make up any course work deficiencies with transferable college courses, see the right-hand column in the table below.

If you have met a subject area in high school, you do not need to satisfy college course work requirements in that area for admission purposes.

*Academic aptitude as demonstrated by course work competency requirements is one of many factors considered in the review of an application.  

High School Competency Requirements

Subject areas

Arizona Board of Regents' requirements

or ACT scores

or SAT score

or College course work to make up deficiencies

English Composition Literature
4 units/years
composition or literature
English I
English II
English III
English IV
English sub score of 21 or above 
SAT Reasoning Test:
critical reading score of 530 or above
One 3-credit English course
Mathematics 4 units/years
Algebra I
Algebra II
Advanced Math for which Algebra II is a prerequisite
Math sub score of 24 or above
SAT Reasoning Test:
math score of 540 or above
One 3-credit course at the college algebra level or higher
Laboratory Science
3 units/years
One unit from any three of the following: biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, integrated lab science (may include advanced study in one area)
Natural science sub score of 20 or above
(Test scores may be used to demonstrate competency in one (1) science only)
SAT Subject Test scores:
chemistry—600 or above;
biology—590 or above;
physics—620 or above
Three 4-credit lab science courses (only two may be in the same field)
Social Science
2 units/years
One unit of American history; one additional unit from: (European/world history, economics, sociology, geography, government, psychology, anthropology)
Equivalent not available
SAT Subject Test scores:
American history/social studies: 560 or above;
European/world culture:
580 or above
One 3-credit American history course and one 3-credit social science course
Second language
2 units/years
Two units of the same language
Attain a minimum score on a national standardized language test, such as AP or CLEP Examination scores; or earn certified placement into third college-level semester of higher based on an exam given by an accredited institution of higher education; or other forms of verification are available, please call 520.621.3237
One year of study in the same language; includes American Sign Language
Fine Arts
1 unit/year
or CTE Course


One unit of fine arts or any combination of two semesters of high school fine arts
One 3-credit fine arts class
Career & Technical Education (CTE) Courses 1 unit/year or Fine Arts Course Any unit of CTE or any combination of two semesters in the same CTE program (approved by the Arizona Dept. of Education) N/A N/A one 3-credit CTE course (approved by the Arizona Dept. of Education)


Applicants must have an unweighted overall grade point average of 2.0 (A=4.0) in each subject area and may not have more than two deficiencies. Students may not have deficiencies in both math and laboratory science or in the same subject area.

Admissions Decisions

Please use the following link to learn more about our Admissions Decisions. There is also information regarding specific major requirements.