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AIMS Scholarship, ACT/SAT

Does the University of Arizona offer ACT/SAT prep courses?

Yes. The University of Arizona offers  ACT/SAT prep courses during the academic year through the THINK TANK. Courses take place on the UA campus. To register or for more information please visit


Where can I learn more about the AIMS scholarship?

The AIMS High Honors Tuition Waiver is overseen by the Arizona Board of Regents and the Arizona Department of Education. 

More information on the AIMS tuition waiver and requirements may be found at the Arizona Department of Education.

Are the AIMS scores considered in the admissions?

AIMS scores are not taken into consideration during the admissions application review process.

There is a new version of the SAT available March 2016. Which SAT Should I take?

In March of 2016, the College Board will launch a redesigned SAT, preceded by a new PSAT in October 2015. For more information about the redesign—what they've changed, and why it matters—please visit the College Board website.  The University of Arizona will accept test scores from either test (old or new), however, we encourage one over the other depending on applicant term.

Applicants for any 2016 term

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take the SAT exam by December 2015. This will ensure that we receive your test scores in plenty of time for scholarship consideration.

Applicants may provide scores from the new test offered in March 2016. We will consider applicants for scholarships as long as we receive the test scores by May 1. 

For students who are taking the SAT for the first time in March: The College Board will be releasing test scores after May 1. If you qualify for a merit based scholarship based on this test score, we will send your award offer as soon as possible, but it will be after May 1.

For students who are re-taking the SAT in March: The College Board will be releasing test scores after May 1. If you qualify for a merit based scholarship, or upgraded scholarship, based on this test score, we will send your award offer as soon as possible, but it will be after May 1.

Applicants for 2017 or beyond

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take the new test.

Applicants with scores from the pre-2016 version may submit them for scholarship review. 


Although we encourage certain tests based on your applying term, UA wants you to be successful and will recognize either test for years to come.  With information from the College Board’s "concordance table" (how scores from one version translate into the other one), we will ensure that all scores are reviewed fairly for each applicant.

Please note: Official test scores must be sent directly from testing agency. 

If my student meets the AIMS requirements will they still be considered for scholarships?

All students who submit a complete application file including SAT or ACT test scores will be considered for scholarships. However, students may not receive both the AIMS tuition waiver and a University of Arizona centrally administered scholarship; the student will automatically be awarded the scholarship of the higher amount by the University.

Should students wait to apply until after taking the SAT/ACT?

No. It is recommended that students do not wait to apply; applicants may be admitted without test scores. 

However, ACT or SAT scores must be on file to be considered for UA scholarships, admission to The Honors College and/or for placement into foundation coursework at orientation. We will continue to accept official test scores until May 1st and the student's application may be re-reviewed for scholarships if we receive official test scores by this date.

Please note: Official test scores must be sent directly from testing agency. 

Do you require SAT/ACT?

Applicants may be admitted to the university without test scores but will not be considered for UA scholarships or admission to The Honors College. SAT/ACT test scores may also be required by specific departments or majors and/or for placement into foundation coursework at orientation. Please note: Official test scores must be sent directly from testing agency. 

What are the ACT/SAT test score minimums?

There are no minimum required test score thresholds.

If test scores are not provided, students may be asked to submit them for a more comprehensive and complete review of the application for admission. As previously mentioned, test scores are important factors in comprehensive scholarship review. Also, some colleges or majors may require ACT or SAT test scores in order to consider applicants for admission to their specific program of study.

The essay portion of the ACT is recommended but not required for admission consideration. At this time we do not utilize the SAT writing sample for admissions purposes.

Please note: Official test scores must be sent directly from testing agency. 

Get Connected

How do I contact my UA admissions counselor?

The following page will connect you to your UA Admissions Counselor. You may also call the Office of Admissions at 520-621-3237.

How do students submit more information?

Send all documents to the Office of Admissions at the following address:

Office of Admissions
The University of Arizona
PO Box 210073
Tucson, AZ 85721

OR you can reach out directly to your UA Admissions Counselor to submit more information.

How do students receive more information?

Students should register for a UA Future account. Once registered, students will begin receiving information and updates about The University of Arizona.

UA Future is a dynamic, personalized portal that connects prospective UA students to the appropriate people and resources. Students can fill out the UA Future registration form and login to begin exploring their academic future at The University of Arizona. Students may use their UA Future accounts to get more information about the University, to sign up for a campus visitation option and even to check the status of a submitted application.

How are student athletes recruited?

Visit the athletics recruitment website for detailed information on how to get in touch with the athletics department. You may also have the student call 520-621-CATS.

Where do students send transcripts?

Send transcripts to the following address:

Office of Admissions
The University of Arizona
PO Box 210073
Tucson, AZ 85721

If an admitted student has decided not to attend the UA, what do they need to do?

If you would like to cancel your admission to the University of Arizona and have not paid your Enrollment Fee, please complete and submit the Admissions Cancellation Form

If you have already paid your Enrollment Fee, please visit the Next Steps Center to cancel your admission to the University of Arizona.

You may also mail in your cancellation notice.  Please download and complete this Admissions Cancellation Form.  Mail the form to: Office of Admissions, University of Arizona, PO Box 210073, Tucson AZ 85721. Please note: This is NOT a blanket cancellation. Appropriate cancellation forms must be sent to all university departments, i.e. Orientation, Admissions, Residence Life, etc; please contact each department for details on their cancellation procedures and requirements

Can a student defer their admission?

University of Arizona Admission Deferment Policy (Change of Start Term)

The University of Arizona (UA) Office of Undergraduate Admissions understands that extenuating circumstances can occur and prevent a newly admitted student from pursuing their intended course of study during the semester for which they applied.   While UA does not defer admissions, nor scholarships, UA will assist students in re-applying for admission and scholarships.  To help make the process be as seamless as possible, please follow the steps below.

The requests are subject to review for possible approval to change their start term from the Office of Admissions.

DEADLINE is the business day prior to the start of classes. 

  • Please note, you have 30 days to complete your request.

UA invites students who fall into one of these circumstances to submit a request. Please review the following to see if you are eligible to make this request:

  • If you will be attending another postsecondary institution prior to your enrollment at UA, you will NOT be eligible to complete the request form.
    • Steps you will need to follow to re-apply:    
      • Submit new application
      • Submit official transcripts (8th semester high school transcripts and all additional institutions attended)
  • If your reason is due to medical, military, faith-based mission, youth exchange student program,
    or other extenuating circumstances you may proceed to the following:
    • Complete the request form
      • ALERT: Once you submit your form you cannot re-enter. Therefore, please have your documentation ready to upload. If you don’t have your documentation at the time of submission please send your documentation to
    • You will need to provide official documentation.
    • A UA representative will be in contact with you.
  • All students are required to submit a new application (UA does not defer admissions; there is no ‘roll-over’ of an application).
  • Once your request has been reviewed, you will be contacted.
  • If your request is approved:
    • Your application fee will be waived
    • You will be considered for scholarships based on the new intended start term of enrollment.
      • It is not standard policy to consider ‘gap year’ applicants for scholarships.
    • UA’s scholarships awards change year-to-year. Therefore if you were initially offered a scholarship, UA is unable to guarantee the same amount for your new start term.

NOTE:  In some circumstances, students have the option to attend one semester at UA before their absence from UA.  By doing this, the student can complete a Scholarship Deferment Form through the Scholarship Office. This would secure the scholarship if the student meets the Terms & Conditions (GPA and units) at the end of attended/enrolled semester.

Is there an appeal process for a denied student?

Yes. Please contact the Office of Admissions for information on how to receive an appeal packet, 520-621-3237.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

How do students apply for scholarships?

Students who submit a complete admission application file, including SAT or ACT scores, will automatically be considered for centrally administered scholarships from The University of Arizona.

Other scholarships may be found at our scholarship website. These applications have varying deadlines and processes; please read the scholarship details fully.

How do you determine scholarship eligibility?

Students are reviewed for UA centrally administered scholarships by Comprehensive review. Factors taken into consideration include, but are not limited to: grade point average (GPA), coursework, test scores, extra curricular activities, and community involvement. Other scholarships will have varying criteria and it is important that the student familiarize themselves these requirements before applying.

How do students apply for financial aid?

For detail FAQs about financial aid and scholarship, please visit the UA Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

To qualify for financial aid - grants, student loans, or work-study - students must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at for the appropriate academic year, list The University of Arizona (Title IV School Code 001083) as one of the schools on the FAFSA, and submit the FAFSA to the federal processor.

After the Financial Aid office receives the FAFSA information, financial aid eligibility will be determined.

Students should apply for financial aid during the spring of their senior year. Seniors should file the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1st of their senior year; after that time, we recommend that students send their FAFSA by February 14th of their senior year in order to meet the March 1st priority date. Funding for various programs is limited and, as such, we recommend that students apply as soon as possible after the FAFSA becomes available on January 1st.

Admissions Requirements

Should students wait to apply until after taking the SAT/ACT to apply?

No. It is recommended that students do not wait to apply; applicants may be admitted without test scores. If more information is needed; applicants may be asked to submit test scores. 

Do you require SAT/ACT?

Applicants may be admitted to the university without test. SAT/ACT test scores may also be required by specific departments or majors and/or for placement into foundation coursework. 

Please note: Official test scores must be sent directly from testing agency. 

How long does the admissions process take?

Once we have the completed application file, including all required materials, it usually takes 2-4 weeks for application processing, review, and for your notification to be mailed. We begin sending Summer/Fall term communications in early November. A complete application file includes:

  • Application for admission
  • Application processing fee or eligible fee waiver
  • High school transcripts
  • Dual credit transcripts (where applicable)
  • ACT or SAT Reasoning Test Scores (if the student would like to be considered for scholarships and/or The Honors College)

What are the admissions requirements?

Comprehensive Admission Review

We recognize that personal excellence can and should be evaluated by more than just academic achievement. Through our Comprehensive Admission Review process, we are expanding access to students with solid academic records who will also bring unique life experiences and personal achievements to our campus community. This process allows us to consider more than just a student's academic profile. (See More)

Assured Admission for Arizona Resident Freshmen

Students may earn admission to UA through the Assured Admission process if they are Arizona residents, attend a regionally accredited high school, rank in the top 25 percent of their graduating class and have no course work deficiencies as prescribed by the Arizona Board of Regents.

Arizona Board of Regents Requirements Coursework Competency Requirements

Visit this admissions website for complete Arizona Board of Regents Web site for requirements coursework Competency requirements.

Do you require letters of reference?

We do not require letters of reference and do not use them as part of the admissions process.

How early should a student apply?

Applying early is important. Our application is available in early August; students who apply in August may receive a decision as early as November. 
Students that apply by October 15th will receive a decision by November 5th and students that apply by November 5th will receive a decision by December 3rd. Applications after these dates will take 2-4 weeks for processing.

My student received a letter about their transcripts, but I sent them last week.

The processing time for submitted documents can be 4 to 6 weeks and, as such, students may receive correspondence from our office during that time. This situation often occurs when transcripts and the notification pass in the mail; the transcripts do not need to be sent again. If you still have concerns, please feel free to contact our Admissions hotline at 520-621-3237.

Does UA accept transcripts electronically (ex. Docufide)?

We do accept transcripts via the Docufide service; however, it is important to note that we will not accept copies of transcripts by fax or email.

Who do I contact with concerns about a student's application and transcripts?

Contact the admissions counselor assigned to your high school. In addition to your assigned counselor, you may always contact:

  • Main campus Office of Admissions - 520.621.3237 
  • Phoenix Office of Admissions - 602.827.2277


How can students pay their application fee at a later date?

Students who apply online can re-enter their application after it has been submitted and pay the application fee online using their application ID and password. Students may also call the Admissions Office at 520-621-3237 to pay over the phone with a credit card, or send a check or money order to the Office of Admissions. We do not accept cash payments.

If students are unable to pay the application fee, we will accept a "fee waiver" signed by the high school counselor. The waiver is based on financial need. Please note that the application will not be processed until a fee waiver or application fee has been received.  

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Are students required to live on campus?

Students are not required to live on campus, but it is highly encouraged. For more information and to take a look at all of our on-campus housing options, please visit the Residence Life and Housing website. For off-campus housing options, please visit the following link.

My student was classified as a non-resident, what do I need to do?

If a student believes they are a resident of the State of Arizona but has been classified as a non-resident, the student and their parents must file a domicile affidavit and submit it to the Residency Classification Office. Please refer to the Residency Classification website for Arizona residency policies and a downloadable PDF of the domicile affidavit form.

How much does it cost to attend UA?

A current estimated cost of attendance can be found by visiting the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website

Do you accept dual enrollment credit?

The determination of acceptability of credit for course work completed at another institution of higher learning is made solely at the discretion of The University of Arizona. The evaluation of any course work or exam from another institution or organization for acceptance by The University of Arizona will be based only on an official transcript from the institution originally offering the course work or exam.

A few general policies:

  • Credit is not given for grades lower than a "C".
  • Remedial, vocational, technical, highly specialized and personal development courses are not accepted for credit.
  • All transfer courses from Arizona public community colleges will be reviewed individually by the Director of Transfer Curriculum & Articulation and by the appropriate University departments to determine which courses are acceptable for University credit. Visit AZ Transfer for more information on transferring credits to Arizona universities. 

It is imperative that the student submit all dual enrollment classes on separate community college or university transcripts. Dual enrollment classes listed on the high school transcript will not be considered for college credit.

What if a student is graduating early?

The process of applying is the same and students should be careful to use the correct admissions application. Because circumstances can be unique, please communicate with your UA Admissions Counselor on a case by case basis.

What if a student has enough AP/IB classes to be considered a sophomore/junior, etc?

The student will still apply as a freshman and will be considered a freshman with transfer credit for the purpose of admissions consideration. Once the student has been admitted and the credits have been evaluated the student will be classified to the appropriate grade level based on the earned credits and their applicability to their chosen degree program. All students are considered freshman applicants when they apply for admission directly from high school.

What is CLEP? How can my students use it?

These examinations are a means of satisfying certain course requirements, or for earning extra course credits, without having to enroll formally in the courses. Specific CLEP tests are based on the knowledge acquired through self-education and experience. The University of Arizona accepts CLEP for college credit, providing satisfactory scores are attained; not all CLEP exams are awarded credit at the UA. Please refer to the following link for the required scores for General Education application or Course Credit awarded.

What credit will I receive for my AP/IB scores?

AP scores please follow this link. IB scores please follow this link.

What is the purpose of the enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee ensures your place at The University of Arizona. The fee is used to pay for New Student Orientation, your UA CatCard (student ID) and placement exams.